April 2021 Quarterly Tournament Results

posted by Will on April 26, 2021

Once again our Back Door family impressed us with an amazing turnout for this quarterly of 45 ready and eager players wanting to win the tournament and the BIG CASH prize!

After the field had been fought through, the bad beats had been taken, and the final ten had made the money, 2 stood alone Tom Gamel and David “baby Dave” Lofton. Tom came into heads up the absolute wrecking ball of the tournament, while Dave at one point was down to one chip. Tom held approximately a 6-1 chip advantage going into heads up, but as well all know, poker is seldom predictable. After a grueling and grinding heads up match, Dave had done it, overcame the deficit to take home the title and the money! Congrats to Dave and Tom and all the others and thanks again for another great tournament!

Here’s how it finished:

1st – Dave Lofton

2nd – Tom Gamel

3rd – Ben Gauither

4th – Jim Bliss

5th – Nick Masse

6th – Tom Harms

7th – Charlie Dunham

8th – James Woeller

9th – Mike Martin

10th – Susan Machemer

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Hello, im Will. I have been playing poker for 7 plus years, and have been a player/employee of Back Door Poker for almost 3 years now. I have played hold-em at most every level possible, local casinos, WSOP, home games, etc. My favorite hand is 9-10 and I do believe it is has a 100% win rate.


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