January 2019 Quarterly Results

posted by Will on January 14, 2019

Another Quarterly Tournament has come and gone as a success! We had an awesome field of 67 players playing for the 1st place $500 CASH PRIZE and the right to call themselves CHAMPION! There were some amazing deep runs, a back to back top 2 finisher, and another amazing feat…. Check it out here

After playing through a stacked final table, it came down to two…. last quarterly’s 1st place finisher Kris Kellis and this quarterly’s points winner (and not to mention final table finalist last quarterly) Leslie Davis. Kris started with the chip lead, but after a few hands it was a close contest with Leslie catching up quickly. One hand played, and a new champion made Leslie came out on top! Congrats to Leslie for not only being points leader through this session, but winning the quarterly! Congrats to Kris for back to back head’s up matches in quarterly tournaments!

Here is how everything finished

1 – Leslie Davis

2 -Kris Kellis

3 -Charles Enos

4 -Brenda Brown

5 -Chip Tyrell

6 -Robin Martineau

7 -Robin Foldvik

8 -Christina Pace

9 -Shelley Rall

10 -Jeff Shand

Congrats to everyone for their great runs! Remember this could be you next time so make sure you get your points and extra chips!

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Hello, im Will. I have been playing poker for 7 plus years, and have been a player/employee of Back Door Poker for almost 3 years now. I have played hold-em at most every level possible, local casinos, WSOP, home games, etc. My favorite hand is 9-10 and I do believe it is has a 100% win rate.


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