January 2020 Quarterly Tournament Results!

posted by Will on January 20, 2020

Wow, another tournament has come and gone as a huge success! It seems every time I turn around I am writing another one of these break downs! I guess it’s as they say, time flies when you’re having fun! This tournament was nothing different, FUN! We had another amazing field of 55 players, but as we all know, there can be only one, check out how it went down!

After an awesome start to the tournament and a target being put on our chip leader and #1 ranked player for the session, we dug deeper to find out who would make that challenging final table, and the way there was nothing short of entertaining! Some bad beats, some lucky rivers, some Ace’s cracked, a few drink hands later, we had 10 players left! Coming into the final table one thing was very clear, everyone had come to play, but one stood out above the others, Greg Souza! Greg sat down at final table as the chip leader amongst many other talented determined players a mixed group of Quarterly final table first timers and veterans. It didn’t take Greg long to show he wasn’t going to be pushed around as he steadily increased his chip lead by knocking out quality player after player, seemingly making it look easy, but there was one player that just would not be denied his shot, Dave Starr! As they entered heads up, Greg held approximately a 5 to 1 chip lead over Dave, but that would not deter him as he fought tooth and nail from the brink of elimination multiple times to stay alive and almost even the chip stacks!!! As it had become more even, both players decided to chop the WHOPPING $650 CASH prize and play one hand for a winner! After the river fell, it was Greg Souza’s hard work and dedication that paid off as he was crowned CHAMPION! Congratulations to Greg, Dave, and everyone else that placed! Remember keep on getting those points and chips, this could be you next time!!

Here is how everything ended up:

1st – Greg Souza

2nd – David Starr

3rd – James Valentine

4th – Mark Machemer

5th – Brad Gessienger

6th – Nick Masse

7th – Micah Butler

8th – Rich Brown

9th – Howard Hart

10th – Jen Masse

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