July 2021 Quarterly Tournament Results

posted by Will on July 20, 2021

We had another amazing quarterly with a turnout of 51 players and what a finish!

After taking the field down to our final 10 and the CASH MONEY, we had a mixture of new faces and a few old. When it came down to it, 3 people remained with $450 CASH to be paid out. Anne Padilla, Mark Machemer, and Hammer Wilks decided to chop the $450 and play 1 hand out to crown a champion! After the cards ran, it was Anne that came out victorious with Mark finishing second! Congrats to all our winners here is how it finished!

1st – Anne Padilla

2nd – Mark Machemer

3rd – Hammer Wilks

4th – Pat Dunstan

5th – Nick Masse

6th – Andre Brown

7th – Kelly Pearson

8th – Sean Amoit

9th – Ben Gauither

10th – Tom Evans

Keep getting those points, remember this could be you next quarter!

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Hello, im Will. I have been playing poker for 7 plus years, and have been a player/employee of Back Door Poker for almost 3 years now. I have played hold-em at most every level possible, local casinos, WSOP, home games, etc. My favorite hand is 9-10 and I do believe it is has a 100% win rate.


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