Monthly Player Spotlight September 2023

posted by Will on September 22, 2023

To play with Back Door Poker is to play with this man. You know him as Cowboy, One-Move Dave, Mr. Think-Long-Think-Wrong. He is one of Back Door’s most active players. He’s a wealth of knowledge. He’s an all around good guy and a blast to play with. To know him is to love him, so please let me introduce you to the next Player Spotlight, Dave Starr!

Q: How long have you been playing with Back Door Poker?

A: Five years.

Q: How do you think you’ll play today?

A: I’m on a roll. I’ve won 3 in a row so I”m going for the record.

Q: What is your strategy to win a poker game?

A: Patience. Patience. Patience. Wait for your hand…and then shove!

Q: How do you hope to be perceived as a poker player?

A: Fun to play with – we’re here for a good time!

Q: Do you think you’ll be able to pull out another win at the next quarterly?

A: Eventually.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you can give a new poker player?

A: Don’t play too many hands.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Arizona Back Door Poker?

A: The camaraderie. We have a good time here.

Stay tuned to see if Dave is able to pull off another win at the upcoming quarterly!

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Hello, im Will. I have been playing poker for 7 plus years, and have been a player/employee of Back Door Poker for almost 3 years now. I have played hold-em at most every level possible, local casinos, WSOP, home games, etc. My favorite hand is 9-10 and I do believe it is has a 100% win rate.


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