October 2020 Quarterly Results

posted by Will on October 26, 2020

Another tournament has come and gone and once again a success! Even with the year 2020 trying to keep us down, we continue on and had a amazing field of 49 players!

The field came together Saturday for another Quarterly Tournament and it didn’t disappoint. The new added bounty on Will was in play again, this time it was Neil Strobel taking Will out when he rivered a straight to take home the $30’s CASH and t-shirt. After 39 eliminations, we had our 10. A very talented final 10 made it no simply chore to take home the prize and championship. It came down to 2 new quarterly final table new comers in heads up, Craig Mckee and John Kohlenberg. When the final card was flipped it was Craig emerging victorious! Congratulations to Craig and John and all of our top 10 finishers! Thanks you to everyone for your support!

Here is how it finished:

1st – Craig  Mckee

2nd – John Kohlenberg

3rd – Yagi

4th – Ginny Reed

5th – Jenna Schroeder

6th – Neil Strobel

7th – Nick Masse

8th – Mike King

9th – Bryshonne Bryant

10th – Ben Gauither

This could be you! Get those points!

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